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Sampling a selection of @stormcellars wines with @wanderandwine #foxencanyon #sbcwine #pinotnoir (at Curtis Winery)

Blanc on Blanc is my@kind of #blanc #sbcwine (at Andrew Murray Vineyards)

Feed me (at Blue Barn Gourmet)

Loving the pictures @tastesantabarbarafoodtours

Good Morning Moon #santabarbara #supermoon (at The French Press)

Inspirations via @Marywakefielddesigns #lobsterfest #prosecco @mionetto


One of the reasons why I love food is that it one of the easiest ways to bring people together. More often than not, that connection happens around a dinner table. But in this day and age it can also happen all the way from Atlanta to beautiful, sunny, Santa Barbara.

Today’s Foodie Spotlight…

La luna via @iamdankaufman #supermoon

An afternoon through rosé colored glasses #santabarbara #rosé (at Piano Gastro Lounge)

Things you don’t expect to see on rooftops #santabarbara